Workshop on Mosfet Implementation Using TCAD

by Md. Imran Hossain Arif

On April 10, 2019,  IEEE UIU SB arranged a ‘Workshop on Mosfet Implementation Using TCAD’. TCAD (or Technology Computer Aided Design, or Technology CAD) is a branch of electronic design automation that models semiconductor fabrication and semiconductor device operation. In this workshop a review of the TCAD simulation of solar cell and its related methodology was presented. The route to creating 2D cell structures as well as obtaining efficiency and other important design metrics was described. In order to understand the scope of such simulations, a number of cases was described using Silvaco TCAD software. The instructor of this workshop was- Md. Imran Hossain Arif, Research Assistant, Power system Analysis Project, UIU. The students learnt about the potential of physical TCAD simulations and how to generate TCAD modeling to create and analyze solar cell technology design issues.