Control Anger - Before It Controls You

By Tasnuva Huque,

On 14 th June, 2017, IEEE UIU Student Branch arranged a seminar on ‘Control Anger – Before It Controls You’. The term Anger sounds very small, but its impact is very deep. Anger, just like happiness and sorrow, is another vital part of our life with which all of us are attached. Every single human being on this planet is born with this trait. In undergraduate life here in UIU, everyone goes through different stages of anger. People are angry because they
get less marks in quiz, midterms or finals, while others just get angry because of the hurdles they face in everyday life. As a human being, we must learn to control anger before it controls us. To address all these issues and provide us with a viable solution, IEEE UIU Student Branch has invited Tasnuva Huque, Psychosocial Counselor & Lecturer, BRAC University as a guest speaker of the seminar themed "Control Anger – Before It Control You. The seminar was open for all