By Sheikh Farzin Rahman

Engineering or Engineers – the words that we use to describe ourselves to the world!

Sure we consider ourselves to be the occasional superheroes; but trust me, it’s not easy to become one. As they say, “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”; it really is a struggle being in Engineering School. And why not? 4 years of circuits and machines and codes etc. literally implanted in our brains, and the usual memory disorders during the exams don’t help either. The fun part lies here, if we are to become part of this elite group, we have to embrace all these.

We’ve all been there. This means that

you’re doing engineering right. And remember,

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

It is really important that an engineering student finds the right balance. For example, to find the perfect balance between studies and hanging out with friends, sleep must be sacrificed occasionally for assignments and exams; but an engineer usually gets used to it after the first few semesters or so. My point is, relentless hard work is required, in the midst of which RC circuits chasing you in your dreams is a pretty normal phenomenon. As the courses get tougher day by day, the motivation to complete the program diminishes for most of us, so the grades start to fall and so does the CGPA. However, one thing this teaches us is that, if we can survive this, we are sure to survive a zombie apocalypse or any alien invasion.

The main purpose of this article is to give a brief idea of how tough life is for an engineering student; but as I am talking from my own experience, it is something I will remember forever. It is like a journey with multiple ups and downs, and we are able to learn so much from everything and everyone around us. The knowledge that we gain is endless but so are the memories that we make. It is impossible if one to survive the 4 years as a loner, without any help from anyone. The friends that we make in this journey, the endless hours of group studies, the sleepless nights discussing and building projects – these are experiences which may not mean a lot now, but once we graduate and go in our separate paths, these are the ones that will put a smile in our faces. We never know what life will throw at us, but one thing is for sure; engineering school is not just about studies, it is also an outstanding training for life and what lies ahead. So for those of us, who are getting frustrated and feeling like quitting, all I can say is that ‘We’ve all been there and this means that you’re doing engineering right. And remember “When the going gets toughthe tough get going.”’