My Journey With IEEEXtreme10.0

By Sanjina Mostafa

It’s almost three years that I am volunteering in IEEE. I love volunteering and organize events with my student branch. Besides working with my student branch, I wanted to do something else. So, I shared my thoughts with my seniors and they suggested me to go for IEEEXtreme Ambassador Program. I applied and after some time I got a mail stating that I have been selected as an ambassador there!

I joined the IEEEXtreme10.0 Facebook official group and started planning on how I can turn this competition into a success in my section. In the mean time I went to the IEEE R10 SYWL Congress 2016 in Bangalore. There was a booth for IEEEXtreme and I had been there helping out Sangram, Anindo and Omiya. Being there, I had the chance to meet the awesome people from different places through this platform. It was an amazing experience for me.

Photo: IEEEXtreme Booth at R10 SYWLC 2016, Bengalore.

After coming back I was very busy with my studies but I did not forget about the responsibilities I had being a part of the EXTREME team. There were times I had to run around my university to campaign for the competition and study late at night till 3am. I used to have several meetings with faculties to encourage our university students to participate. Next was the semester break in our university so I couldn’t arrange any kind of awareness program or workshop but all the meetings were held at my university. The first meeting of IEEEXtreme10.0 Bangladesh Section on 10th Sept. was held at my university where the SSR of our Bangladesh Section, ANM Nasimunnabi who was also an ambassador last year and Bangladesh Section Chair, Prof, Shaikh Anowarul Fattah Sir were present. Although I couldn’t arrange any workshops and awareness programs to me it was really disappointing and I was a little worried about the promotions in our university. So, I started doing the publicity through the social media.

Photo: First IEEEXtreme10.0 General Meeting With the Bangladesh Section Chair and SSR of Bangladesh.

On 22nd September 2016, along with my branch volunteers we pinned the posters in both language at our campus premise. Pinning up the posters with my volunteers were really fun.

Photo: sticking posters to on the campus premise.

On 28 September 2016, IEEE Stamford University Student Branch & IEEE Stamford University Student Branch WIE AG jointly organized an Awareness Campaign on IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 10.0 in collaboration with me and Omiya Hassan- Graphics Designer of IEEEXtreme10.0. We shared the procedure of the competition, how to form team, how to have a proctor and also had QA session there.

Photo: IEEEXtreme Awareness Session in Stamford University.

In IEEE Day 2016, on 4th October we celebrated the occasion in a grand manner with a booth and arranged to promote IEEEXtreme10.0 by showcasing posters, banners and the official promo through the whole event. To encourage us, YP Chair and SSR of IEEE Bangladesh Section was present there and it was a proud moment for us to have them in such a big day.

Photos: Campus Celebration and IEEEXtreme10.0 Campaign at the University on IEEE DAY 2016

The competition was held on 22nd October, 2016. As it’s an international virtual competition where all the countries, around the world participated I organized the programming contest in collaboration with IEEE UIU Student Branch in my university. With the help of some of my branch volunteers I could arrange the day so perfectly. As it was a 24hrs contest and it started at 0:00:00 UTC. I could manage to arrange the contest in our university for 8:00am to 9:30pm as our campus opens at 8am and closes at 9:30pm. There were 3 teams, means total no. of participants were 7 from our university. They were all provided with the facilities including food, water, internet and goodies during the time period. During the whole time they tried hard and were in top 100 in the first few hours. While the contest was running all the volunteers including the branch Chair of IEEE UIU Student Branch were present there and helped in volunteering the event. It was a glorious moment when the SSR of IEEE BDS SAC was present there to encourage the teams.

Photo: During the Competition. Coders Coding

It was basically to improvise the coding skills of the future coders. It was a proud moment for me as an ambassador. In the end it was such a platform where I met so many awesome personalities and who are my closest friends now. In this whole journey Omiya Hassan, Anindo Saha , Sangram Chavan, & Prasanth Mohan were the ones without whom I couldn’t come up with this result. And finally I have achieved so much from this single platform and learned a lot.  It made me more responsible and taught me to work harder and made me do what I thought I am never capable at all. IEEE presents such platforms where anyone can learn and can show their talent.


By Omiya Hassan, Saima Tazreen, Md. Redwanul Islam. 


Problems of education system in Bangladesh:

Education level in rural areas is one of the fields lacking progress in Bangladesh. The problem of planning rural education and training faces formidable obstacles due to some important factors. The major obstacle in rural areas is the cost of education. The earnings of poverty stricken families are not sufficient to cover the cost of their children’s education. Most of the families encourage their children to go to work at a young age and contribute to the family earning rather than go to school. They believe that completing primary or secondary level education is ample requirement for their offspring. From different researches we find that from class VI to X almost 60-70% students tend to drop out of school. Another major problem of rural areas is a lack of educational institutes. The students in remote villages have to walk miles to reach school. In most cases, there are two primary schools, one high school and one college for almost ten villages, which is far from adequate. The quality of education in all primary, secondary and post-secondary levels faces number of problems; such as class size, insufficient resources, lack of expert teachers, gender and economic disparity etc. For these reasons, students lack understanding, communication and problem solving skills. We aspire to have a nation where, irrespective of remoteness of village or limitation of seats, every child gets a fair share at educating himself. Sounds like a lot to ask for at this stage; but it’s never too late to start trying.


E-school: Inspiring Education in Rural Areas through ICT:

E-school is a web portal where video lectures and notes by some of the most reputed teachers in the country will be stored. This website will be provided to teachers in the rural area for self-grooming and having sufficient amount of lectures and syllabus content to teach to the students. At first, a team of dedicated individuals/NGOs will go to a number of schools to teach the teachers how to use the website as well as set up necessary infrastructure to access the website, such as computers and internet connection. Most of the rural people are not educated because they cannot bear their tuition fees. This database will provide video lectures covering the entire syllabus so teachers from urban area don’t have to come every month for grooming them up. Moreover, the teachers in rural areas are getting to view lectures of top teachers in the cities and can share them with the students. A van with a specialized set of personnel and equipment will go to the districts and conduct a 1 month workshop.  It will be designed in a format that the rural people will be educated or inspired in such a way that the knowledge they’ll gain will be useful for them, besides  knowing how to use the web portal. For example advanced agriculture, marketing and technological courses will be taught alongside by the experts in those respected fields. Our main focus is inspiring the rural people and giving a taste of what advance education system is like so that they would want to learn more. 

Impact on Rural Education System with the Application of ICT:

The major problems of the rural education system and their solutions have been discussed. But what is the anticipated impact of those solutions? Over a period of few years, various NGOs of Bangladesh like JAAGO, 1 Degree Initiative etc have been trying to reach out to the people of rural Bangladesh. Our vision is that the application of E-School will be a more cost effective version of what they have been trying to achieve. For example, if any renowned speaker wishes to share his profound knowledge of a field, he can easily communicate with an audience through skype conversation. The impact of this will be that most of the young generation, previously deprived of such knowledge and curious about the technical applications, will be interested to attend and learn about his/her field of work. Within a few years, we aspire to increase the rural literacy rate to at least 50% of what it is today by the use of this simple, but effective system

Signals and Linear Systems

By Saima Tazreen

Dimmed lights and dusty window ledges
Gradual ticking sounds as the wall clock handles cradle.
Once white walls stained with the patina of time and misuse,
All pairs in one direction, but minds wandering far from current dues.
My eyes rest on a shirt hanging behind the whiteboard
All curious as to who left it to walk out the wooden door.
Nodding my head at every question, like maybe I know all the answers;
Trying fruitlessly to focus, forcing my brain to accept those Fourier Transforms.
Maybe I’m not the only one in the room
Glazed under the complex mathematical ‘shrooms.
Exponentials, inverses, even and odd signals
Fly over our heads, despair etched on our hovering thought bubbles.
Every mind is drifting away from this white walled prison
Thinking “what are we even doing?”…while wandering the stoned horizon…
It’s finally 12:40 pm, and hurried packing commences
An unanimous sigh erupts as we are done with these nuances!

Life as an Engineering Student

By Sheikh Farzin Rahman

Engineering or Engineers – the words that we use to describe ourselves to the world!

Sure we consider ourselves to be the occasional superheroes; but trust me, it’s not easy to become one. As they say, “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”; it really is a struggle being in Engineering School. And why not? 4 years of circuits and machines and codes etc. literally implanted in our brains, and the usual memory disorders during the exams don’t help either. The fun part lies here, if we are to become part of this elite group, we have to embrace all these.

We’ve all been there. This means that

you’re doing engineering right. And remember,

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

It is really important that an engineering student finds the right balance. For example, to find the perfect balance between studies and hanging out with friends, sleep must be sacrificed occasionally for assignments and exams; but an engineer usually gets used to it after the first few semesters or so. My point is, relentless hard work is required, in the midst of which RC circuits chasing you in your dreams is a pretty normal phenomenon. As the courses get tougher day by day, the motivation to complete the program diminishes for most of us, so the grades start to fall and so does the CGPA. However, one thing this teaches us is that, if we can survive this, we are sure to survive a zombie apocalypse or any alien invasion.

The main purpose of this article is to give a brief idea of how tough life is for an engineering student; but as I am talking from my own experience, it is something I will remember forever. It is like a journey with multiple ups and downs, and we are able to learn so much from everything and everyone around us. The knowledge that we gain is endless but so are the memories that we make. It is impossible if one to survive the 4 years as a loner, without any help from anyone. The friends that we make in this journey, the endless hours of group studies, the sleepless nights discussing and building projects – these are experiences which may not mean a lot now, but once we graduate and go in our separate paths, these are the ones that will put a smile in our faces. We never know what life will throw at us, but one thing is for sure; engineering school is not just about studies, it is also an outstanding training for life and what lies ahead. So for those of us, who are getting frustrated and feeling like quitting, all I can say is that ‘We’ve all been there and this means that you’re doing engineering right. And remember “When the going gets toughthe tough get going.”’