Branch Accomplishments

IEEE UIU Student Branch has arranged a number of events ranging from creative workshops, to technical seminars to large scale events such as the IEEE Bangladesh Section SYWC 2015 ,SPAC 2016 . We hope to continue to organize even more successful programs in the future.

IEEE UIU SB WIE Affinity Group was the Champion of the IEEE R10 SYWL Congress 2016 WIE Activities Poster Competition. The Certificate was received by Omiya Hassan, Sanjina Mostafa, Saima Tazreen, Hosain- AL- Musanna & ANM Nasimunnabi ,Md. Salman Farshi.

The Presenter of the poster session was Omiya Hassan, Chair IEEE UIU SB WIE AG.

Achievements Gallery

Our Triumphs Over the Years

Dr. Khawza I. Ahmed

Best Counselor Award 2014

Dr. Tishna Sabrina

Best Counselor Award 2015

A. N. M. Nasinunnabi

Best Outstanding Student Volunteer Award(Humanitarian) 2017

SSR Bangladesh Section

Ambassador IEEEmadC 2016

Amabassador IEEEXtreme 2015

Omiya Hassan

Volunteer & Participant , IEEE WIE ILC 2017
Graphic Designer IEEE Academic
Finalist AIYEHUM Challenge 2015, Team Leader

Hosain Al Musanna
Editor, R10 Editorial Team
Ambassador, IEEE Day 2014

Sanjina Mostafa

Ambassador, IEEEXtreme 10.0
Ambassador, IEEEmadC 2017
Committee Member, IEEE R10 Newsletter 2017
Social Media Coordinator, IEEEXtreme Bangladesh 2017

Saima Tazreen

Editor, R10 YP Editorial Team
Finalist AIYEHUM Challenge 2015

Mohammad Abirul Islam

Logistic, IEEE BDS SAC Team 2017

Noore Juned

Social Media, IEEE R10 Newsletter 2017

Md. Abdullah Al Musabber

Ambassador, IEEE BDS HAC Team

Sumaiya Soha Quadry

Social Media Coordinator, IEEE BDS SAC